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The ability to deliver

Photo by Ronaldo Ramos

By Ronaldo Ramos*

When discussing a project or task with our superiors or colleagues, try to identify the most important steps that must be taken before accepting the functions and obligations regarding the job. Assess the task’s complexity and the necessary resources. Is there adequate technical knowledge? How will it be coordinated? How will it be executed? How will the client’s expectations be managed? A clear view of the task’s stages, control and delivery is necessary.

It is fundamental to identify if the requested resources will available within deadline, their costs and amount necessary. Therefore, invest your time in studying and defining the project’s scope, as well as identifying potential risks of possible alterations and mitigations. In case a certain guideline, method, or the client’s expectation changes during the execution or the resources are transferred to another project, the quality of the product or job and your image will be compromised.

During planning and negotiation of delivery it is necessary to predict space, resources and extra time to correct eventual deviation. The client must be informed constantly on the job’s evolution so they are not caught by surprise on the last minute, and to avoid emotional reactions based on the feeling of betrayal. Feedback and management clarity favors the result and the dialogue suitable to expectations.

A prerequisite for a successful project is in giving proper attention to details, when it’s being carried out. A scope that is accepted without insightful assessment could leave you in deep waters! But the search for perfection can also get in the way of meeting deadlines and budgets, as well as stressing the team. Always negotiate: the ideal, desired and possible quality based on the time and tools at hand. There is no perfect result!

Evolve your team’s capacity to do it right the first time, with careful attention, avoiding wastefulness and rework. Take good care of the critical path. It cannot escape your control or delay.

If there are conflicts, negotiate priorities. Preferably, in explicit and detailed method, by means of chronograms and global resources usage map. Topics such as level of importance, urgency and impact in the result must be present. Rely on good dialogue, transparent planning and coherent arguments and the job will be on the right path to the projected results.

*Founder of CEOlab