Mentoring on advanced management practices

To disseminate good governance and to discipline its execution through mentoring, counseling, direct and inspiring interaction with the partners, directors and presidents of companies of any size, the engineer Ronaldo Ramos founded CEOlab on May 1, 2013. The executive – counselor of administration, expert on leadership and team management – created a laboratory where ideas, questions and projects are discussed and tested before publicly implemented.

“The big key to the exercise of leadership is provoking questions about the actions of other groups or even superiors, generating recognized credibility – technically, emotionally, or in the formation of strategic alliances. And that takes time and requires openness and humility”, says Ronaldo Ramos.

In CEOlab, consultants and advisors with renowned career develop tailored solutions for specific issues of a corporation. They are executives who share their experiences and methods of multicultural and multidisciplinary work in various fields of national and international performance work.

Governance & inspiration

The work has the fundamental pillars:

1) Diagnosis, formulation and validation

The first and most important step toward the solution is the correct formulation of the problem. Questions that lead to diagnosis and origin of an issue, be it political, technical, behavioral or leadership.

After, there is the discipline to save resources, as spending on attempts to apply tools and preferred, but inadequate, solutions. The identification of the best ways to solve the problem should not be restricted to predetermined recipes: the optimization of resources validates facts and perceptions.

2) Investigative, empathetic and respectful conversation

People have different stories and expectations that, allied with the moment of the company and its owners, need to be clearly understood. The connection of the counselor with individuals and the mutual trust are essential to the positive outcome of the work.

The respect for individual and collective achievements is a non-negotiable value. Not everyone wants the same things. The founder is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and wisdom that is difficult to replicate. As the relationship dynamics and the future vision may vary and require attention to capture important data. New skills required? New times? New markets?

3) Lateral, multidisciplinary and multicultural thought

Diverse academic training, with work experience in international and multidisciplinary teams, is indicated. Leadership must be shared and combined with the vision and process – manufacturing, finance, legal and corporate structure, market and international relations.

Through alignment and articulation of ideas, the management of conflicts of interest between owners becomes efficient. The meeting dynamics and construction of consensus “inside and outside the box” are essential.

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