Consultants and advisors with renowned career develop tailored solutions for specific issues of a corporation. They are executives who share their experiences and methods of multicultural and multidisciplinary work in various fields of national and international performance work.

DANILO CURY  //  Consultant

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Specialist planning – strategic, financial, business and marketing – and entrepreneurship. He has experience in negotiations, leadership and coaching, in addition to administration of family and business assets. Degree in Production Engineering at USP – University of São Paulo.

It is the administrative and financial director of a company in the dental sector, and one of the responsibles for making it one of the largest and most respected in Brazil. Teaches courses and lectures.



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Consultant and speaker on career and coach, associate of LHH/DBM and RH Talento. She is an Engineer with specialization in marketing, corporate communications, personal and professional coaching, gradueted in Career Consulting. Recognized as a trainer and manager of high performance teams, with experience in development of structural projects leadership with major organizational impact.



BEIA CARVALHO  //  Consultant
Alex Anunciato 
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Beia Carvalho is futurist speaker and president of 5 Years From Now® Consulting.

Blog: Five Years From Now Blog.

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